Musical Evening with John Guaghan – formerly of Herman’s Hermits

John Gaughan was catapulted into fame and fortune in the music business as a young man in the early 1970‘s. John worked with the Cook/Greenaway team as an in-house singer & songwriter and contributed his classic pop vocals on many recordings. The Cook/Greenaway team had worldwide success with a string of blockbuster hits including several number 1’s and scores of top ten hits in the U.K., U.S.A. and International markets. John himself worked with many famous names including, The Seekers, Marmalade, The Hollies, The Fortunes, The Drifters, Rubbing shoulders with legendary pop producers such as Sir George Martin.

John became a member of Herman’s Hermits in 1972, by 1973 CBS records released a single with the name changed to John Gaughan and the Hermits. His fame was growing and by 1976 John was voted as one of Britain’s most famous faces, international hits had come, and on the surface he appeared to be a very successful young man. However, in secret John was battling alcoholism and the addiction was beginning to significantly interfere with his successful music career. Eventually, John attempted suicide but miraculously God intervened, to first save, and then wonderfully transform his life.

Today, John, his beautiful wife Linda, and their daughter Sarah, travel the world sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He has led worship and performed at many churches and at international meetings such as the Brownsville Revival.

John will be singing and speaking at Clifton Christian Centre at 6.30pm on Sunday 29th April 2018.

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