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Studies in Revelation

Linda Whalley, one of our church members, has recently commenced an occasional series of studies on the book of Revelation. In this recording she sets the scene.  Studies on Revelation – Part 1 – Introduction Accompanying presentation (needs PDF viewer)

James Chapter 3

We continue our study of the book of James with two sessions on Chapter 3. In the first we look at the tongue and how we should take care in what we say. We consider that today, it is not just our tongue we have to watch, but our fingers too in this world of […]

The book of James

In the first of an occasional series, we take a look at the book of James which is a very practical book about living the Christian life. In this recording we set the scene. Who was James? Who was his audience? And why did he need to write this letter. Bible references: James 1, James […]

Our Authority to Heal

Recently in one of our sermons there was reference to Peter and John healing the lame man at the temple gates (Acts 3:1-11) and the observation was made that Jesus must have walked past this man many times but didn’t chose to heal him. The question was asked, “What gave Peter and John the authority […]